Francisco Cerón

Francisco Cerón



Francisco Cerón is a Colombian visual artist, whom started painting at a very young age.  Looking to improve his passion for painting he joined the prestigious School of Arts, Antonio María Valencia, in Santiago de Cali, Colombia, where he earned his Master Degree in Graphic Design.  Later on, he specializes in Business & Marketing in the University Of Miami, Florida, U.S.A.



Neo-Pop / Post Modern Cubism


Cerón’s art work combines Pop-Art elements, Cubism, with classic & modern techniques, using Pre-Columbian symbols, and Pre-Hispanic and Ancient icons from different cultures. He mixes all these with Urban art, creating his own symbols.  Doing these he creates unique pieces that are multi-cultural, Post-Modern, Urban, a mix between classic & modern, rich in symbols and messages.  It is like opening a window to a new language, full of vibrant colors, that, along with its multicolored characters, captures the attention of the spectator.  His work of art contains messages of joy and celebrates life.


Art Notes:


Cerón has exposed his art in different galleries and has participated in many important events like Art-Fair Shangai, China, Arte Américas, Miami, Florida, Art Basel, Miami, Florida, World Tour of Art, London, Dubai, Mexico, Madrid, Berlin, International Biennale Exhibition, Dallas, Texas, among others.


His art work has been included as a reference of Neo-Pop Cubism in all encyclopedias, nationally, in the country of Brazil, since 2009.


During the Art Basel Week 2011, the Absolut Vodka Company selected him to be one of the artists representing them in their event Absolut Miami.


He has been invited by the Florence Biennale Organization to participate in the Biennale of Art in Florence, Italy, in year 2013.


His art work has been used to represent different organizations in posters, post-cards, logos, etc.


Cerón is considered an outstanding artist of the Post-Modern Pop Art in Colombia and USA.