Gladys Velez

Gladys Velez


She is from Medellin, Colombia. 

Graduated in Plastic Art Education, in Antioquia University.


To Gladys,  the present tendency of the world is to create conscience to preserve the natural resources and people see the beautiful landscapes and enjoy still different places


 I must be creative artist  and precursor, because our creative capacity can arrive to proportions that we cannot to imagine. Through drawing, painting and engraving.  I am able to show my artistic work and share the culture of our countries. 


Art could change the hearts of many people, and to united those that speak the same Artistic Language.

„”The Art of Gladys is the combination of new age and the past, she play with the colors, forms, figures and the landscape is the touch of reality”


Honorary Mention on HISPANIC HERITAGE IN AMERICA, Museum of The Americas Doral, Florida, with the Art Giron- Santander, September/October/2009