Gladys Helena Beltran

Gladys Helena Beltran


The artist , Gladys Helena Beltran (Libertad), in her own vision, she sees the world without perspective, which means in Art and Architecture "Primer Plano", with Naive ingenuousness.

She is a poet and writer too, her letter to Van Gogh “My Lonely friend”is a novel piece of literature, inspiration and sensibility.

She said, the name of my body is Gladys Helena, but the name of my soul is Libertad, I use to sign my works and as pseudonym. Libertad is freedom in my mother language, Libertad to write my life, my bibliography in colors and shapes, Libertad to do the works of Love and for Love to the existence.



Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia 1993



2006-07 MCAD/ McKnight Foundation Fellowship for Visual Arts

2005 MN State Board of Arts Iniciative Grant

2000 Nominated as the Poet of the year  for the ISP International Society of

         Poets, Washington DC.


Collective Exhibitions

2011-2008 Sims Center, Boynton Beach, Florida

2009 – September-October- Armory Art Center, Watch for Excellence and

            Hispanic Heritage Month

2007 MCAD/MCKNIGHT  Visual Arts Recipients Exhibitions  MN

2005 Artists Iniciative Grant Recipients  MN State Arts  Board, St. Paul MN

2003 WARM Annual Exhibition College of Visual Arts, St. Paul MN

         Woman Imaging Peace and Freedom


Individual Exhibitions

2007 Twin Cities at Pierre Bouteau Public Library and Gallery 13 - MN

2004 From my House to the City, Mira Gallery

1997 My spiritual world, University of Wisconsin , River Falls WI


Public Collections

Paintings at University of Wisconsin and University of Pullman, MN



The Happiness, The Circle of Life and The Clock of Time, St. Paul Park MN- 1997